SlimBrowser Version 8.00.005 Free

A modest and lean browser for Windows

Some users get weary with traditional, heavy, cumbersome browsers and start looking for an alternative. Less and less do users feel loyalty to one kind of browser or another, but rather tend to look for the one that will best serve their needs, be it a more well known browser, or otherwise.
SlimBrowser is one of these great alternatives. This lean, fast and secure Internet browser supports Windows. Its launch process is quite swift and its pages loading speed are similarly quick. Being quick doesn’t mean it's less secure as developers had put quite an emphasis on browsing security.
Some of the features SlimBrowser offers are a built-in download manager to boost your download speed, a sophisticated form filler to automatically complete web forms, popup blocker, web form spell checker, ad blocker, a built-in VBScript / Jscript / HTML / Text editor, auto-login, site group that will enable you to save a collection of web sites as groups and open all of them at once with a single click, amongst others.
SlimBrowser, as mentioned, makes for a decent alternative to traditional browsers and certainly deserves your trust and a fair chance to leave its mark on this world!
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